My wishes/ dreams for the future of the fashion/ movie industries are in this list below:

  1. I would love for the fashion industry to grow in organic and fair-trade clothes. So many clothes now a days are made by huge companies in China. The people that work for them are paid so little that they  can barely provide for their own families. Having things made in the U.S. and fair-trade and organic would prevent this.
  2. I would also like for the fashion industry to stop photo shopping the pictures that they pout into magazines. When the photos in magazines are photo shopped, it creates an image in my mind, and so many other teenagers minds that that is how they must look, even though it is not humanly possible to be that skinny, or have that long of a neck, or that big of eyes. I would like for the magazines, that are distributed to teenagers and children all around the world, to just take the pictures and leave them as is. The models that they photograph are already so small and beautiful, I think it is a shame to change their appearance. Even if the magazines wrote that they had changed the photo in photo shop would be such a big step. Not photo shopping pictures would also decrease the amount of  teens that are anorexic or bulimic. 
  3. One thing I would like for the movie industry to change would to be to make there movies more realistic. No woman or girls eat movies, I can always see when the even pretend to eat. If the actresses just ate maybe a few bites of whatever they are eating would change the movie so much. I know that they want their actresses to stay small, but if they eat a few bites and then exercise later in the day, the actresses would be healthier and just as skinny.


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