Do you ever find yourself wishing you had time, energy or initiative? I find that it is hard to go to the gym or to a fitness class with after school activities, homework, friends and family. So here are a few ways to get a little exercise in everyday life.

Chose the Stairs: So many people wait for the elevator for about 5 minutes, while you could be walking up or down the stairs. Taking the stairs is so over rated. I find myself telling myself “oh it will only take a minute for the elevator to come, oh the stairs take to long” and so on. Taking the stairs will give a little exercise during the day and keep you healthy.

Take the Car? Now a days, we use the car for everything. Even if our destination like a shopping mall or resturant is only 5 minutes away. Its great to not take the car and walk there or take your bike. Walking and biking is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air.

Sign up fro a Class: There are so many awesome exercise classes to sign up for. A few examples are: Yoga, Pilates, or a soccer, swimming, basketball team. I know that many people don’t have enough time for a class everyday, but its great to have one at at least once a week.



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