It is always hard to find the right gift to give at Christmas. That is why I am going to give some ideas for great gifts. If you are shopping for a teenage girl, I have found as one, that clothing is always the best choice. The next best choice is a gift card to a make-up store such as sephora. Other things such as gift cards, jewelry and money are also great gifts, but more as something on the side and if you only have s o much money to spend go with the bigger option! 🙂 If you are shopping for a teenage boy, I think that electronics are always the way to go.  Gifts cards are also a great choice, because I find it hard to find something for a boy. If you are shopping for your mom/Aunt then I think personal gift are the best choice. Creating a assortment of small gifts is always nice. Such as getting a candle, some nice jewelry, a scarf and maybe something else. Getting a few small individually wrapped gifts gives the person opening the idea they are getting a lot when it is truly only an assortment of small items. It is still thoughtful and nice as long as you put time and effort into the outcome. If you are shopping fro your dad, once again, electronics. It seems to be a thing with men that they love electronics. I like to get my dad a belt, maybe some socks or maybe a cool Iphone holder thing. And last buying gifts for young children. I always like this the best because I can buy toys and miniature clothes. Girls like dolls, little tea sets, small animals, stuffed animals and most of all doll clothes (or at least that is how I liked it when I was a little girl) Boys also like toys, but toys such as toy trucks, toy trains, toy cars, stuffed animals, and LEGO’s. This is what I have found to be the best gifts. I wish you all a great Christmas!!!




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