I decided to do the fashion challenge again to show you what I wear for winter. And I will do this for every season. Today I am wearing bell bottom blue jeans (gift) a blue sailboat shirt from urban outfitters (10$) a light blue sweater from cotton on (20$) a black corduroy jacket (gift) blue and white striped TOMS (75$). On my hands I have a silver ring with Tibetan writing (12$) a silver ring with black and green stripes(gift) and on my other hand a silver ring with sapphire(found in a forest 🙂 I painted my nails with dark green on the thumb and pinkie, red on the pointer and ring and white on the middle for X-mas. My earnings are blue patterned from urban outfitters (10$)

Me at Drake highschool

Me at Drake highschool

Tibetan rings.

Tibetan rings.

urban outfitters earrings.

urban outfitters earrings.

15 days 'till Christmas!!!! can't wait!

15 days ’till Christmas!!!! can’t wait!


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