It is almost winter break!!!!!!! Some of you might be going away, jealous, i’m not, but here are some ideas of what to put in you suitcase.

If you are going to the snow:

  1.  Scarves. Lots and lots of scarves. it cold in the snow and scarves are a great fashionable way to keep you neck warm!
  2. Leggings. Leggings go great under snow pants, sometimes even to pairs! and also when you take your snow pants off you don’t have to change! 🙂
  3. Long sleeves. Just like leggings layer up and stay warm.
  4. Hats. Hats are great to keep you head warm, and very fashionable!
  5. Wool/Fuzzy socks. Wool or fuzzy sock are great to wear anywhere, and sometimes even wear 2 pairs! 🙂
  6. For jewelry, stub earrings are the best because they will not get stuck in all your layers. But don’t bring necklaces, at least not when you are snowboarding or skiing, they get lost.
  7. Sweaters and Jackets are typical but they are warm and cozy, so bring lots.

Going to the sun:

  1. Tank tops. love the sun and tank tops are better than t-shirt because they will tan your shoulders.
  2. Shorts and Capri’s. Capri’s are not very fashionable but if you bring pants and roll them up a little, it looks good.
  3. Leggings and sweaters. Always bring something warmer, because always expect the worst.

And if you are like me, staying home, well you don’t have a suitcase to pack……

Only 2 days until Christmas!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Only 2 days until Christmas!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!


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