For me it is winter break, probably for most teenagers out there, and this is the best time to go shopping. There are so many after Christmas sales going on!  The thing I love to do is to buy wrapping paper. Stores sell it for so littler now that Christmas is over, and if you save until next year you don’t have to worry about getting cool wrapping paper! YAY! Another thing that stores sell for less is ornaments. If you are like my family and don’t get the matching little balls, but different animals, balls, stars and basically everything, then its a little harder to find ornaments. But still if you look in little stores I’m sure that you can find some. Also clothing stores put there clothes on sale. I honestly have no idea why, but they do! So today I am going shopping. So stay tuned to see what I got for Christmas and what I got while shopping! Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa!

Awaiting New Years!

Awaiting New Years!



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