In this post I am going to show you what I got for Christmas, related to fashion, and what I bought while shopping today. Sorry for the rotated pictures. 😦


shirt 2 (2)

shirt 2

This is a black shirt from Cotton On. It is cut at the belly button and goes to about mid thigh in the back. It goes great with high wasted pants, high wasted skirt, or leggings. You can wear it button all the way, or with one or two buttons undone with a bandeau underneath.

shirt 3 (2)

shirt 3

This is also a shirt from Cotton On. It is a rusty red, and is a little longer in the back. The best way to wear it, in my opinion, is with leggings. And also with a bandeau underneath because it is see through.


This is the make-up that I got. I got this great eye-shadow from Rimmel and “cat eye” mascara from Maybelline.

long socks

These are really long socks from Free People. They are above the knee! In this picture they look black, but they are actually dark green.

necklace & earrings

tiger earrings

This is a vintage necklace from The Herban Garden in Fairfax. It  has a little magnifying glass on the end. The earrings are tigers. The backing is the butt of the tiger so that it looks like the tiger is jumping through your ears.


shirt 1 (2)shirt 1 (3)shirt 1

This is a cardigan from Forever 21. The dark green scarf is actually from Christmas, from Cotton On. The cardigan is blue and grey striped and is a little shorter in the back. ($5.41 ON SALE)

striped dress (long sleeve)

This is long sleeved pencil dress from H&M. it is tan and black, thickly striped. ($14.95) H&M is also having a big sale!!!



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