Lipstick. So many people wear lipstick now, and sometimes it’s just not great. You have to know what kind of lipstick to wear with a style of outfit. 

  1. bright red lipstick: bright red lipstick doesn’t go with a lot of outfits. It goes best with dark blue or black, and the best place to wear it is at a party or on the runway. 
  2. barbie pink lipstick: barbie pink is difficult. I think that it goes great with jeans. It also works great in the summer with summer dresses. 
  3. dark red lipstick: dark red goes good with dark colors, like dark blue, black and grey. But, you have to watch out how much you put on because the more you put on, the more Gothic, or dark you will look. 
  4. light pink lipstick: light pink goes with almost everything. The only thing it really doesn’t look good with is dark clothing.
  5. chap stick: chap stick is not lipstick, but if you have naturally red lips, chap stick is great to add an extra shine.



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