This is a post to all of those people out there that are insecure of their bodies and want to lose weight. But to lose weight these people are taking pills, not eating or barfing up their food to become skinny. I know that I am insecure with my body, and have thought seriously about taking pills, but I have found that those unhealthy ways are just not right. Here are a few ways to lose weight with being healthy. 

  1. Going Vegan: going vegan means not eating meat or any other animal products suck as milk, eggs and cheese. It is a little difficult to find vegan things, but it’s basically just eating vegetables and fruit.
  2. Going gluten free: going gluten free is actually very easy. Now stores sell a lot of gluten free items. Gluten is the outer layer of wheat, that is in “normal” bread. To go gluten free, you would have to change out any gluten for gluten free items. Some of them are very tasty!
  3. Going grain free: To go grain free means to eat no grains such as wheat, rice, oats or barley. Quinoa is similar to grains but it is a seed, so if you are craving something like that during this diet, eat quinoa. This diet is the best way to lose weight!

I hope that this encourages people to stop hurting themselves and learn to be comfortable and happy with the body that was given to you. 


Hear is a photo of what quinoa looks like when it is cooked. It tastes great with some butter and salt!


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