This is one of the shirts that I got for Christmas. I don’t think that I remembered this shirt when I showed you what I got for Christmas, but I thought that it was pretty “bad ass” (hence the title) and thought that I should show it to you. It is from Urban Outfitters, and they do still sell it, the main part of the shirt is cotton and is black and grey tie dye. The chest of the shirt is cut low with a leather strap, with bronze snaps, dividing it. It is hard to explain, but I hope that I did it good enough, hopefully you can see it good in the picture. It was hard for me to find an outfit, but I finally decided to go with simple black leggings. I wore a my favorite jacket with it because it was really cold today. Thanks to my awesome friend I got this picture, look at  her blog: Poshpolish. Hope you have a great evening/day/morning!!!!!!!

this is the "bad ass" shirt, hope you like it :)

this is the “bad ass” shirt, hope you like it 🙂


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