Today I went searching for Christians 2013 spring collection. I found it and thought that I would share the photos and opinions with you. Although most of his pieces were wonderful, some of them I didn’t really care for. Here are the photos:

cs spring 1


This is a very simple outfit and I like the pants, but the shirt reminds me of a nurses uniform. Maybe if he had done a different pattern, or a different cut, This outfit would have a little more life. But the pants are great!

cs spring 2


I actually really like this outfit. It has the same pants as the first one, but a different top that gives the piece an attitude.

cs spring 3


I love the jacket on this one, but I think that the belt should be pulled tighter around the models middle, because now the belt is just to large for her.

cs spring 5


I LOVE the cut on this shirt. But I think that the slit on the skirt should be moved just a little more to the side, so that it doesn’t show  between the legs, but the actual leg.

cs spring 6


I adore the fabric used for the pants and shirt, and I totally love the bows on the back of the shoes! so cute!

cs spring 7


This dress is gorges. I love the way that it flows, even when you aren’t walking, i think its the fabric.

cs spring 8


THE SHOES! The shoes are so cute its incredible  As for the dress it’s really cute to with it’s good girl cut. I don’t think that I would buy it, but I love it.

cs spring 9


I like how he added a little piece of different fabric to the bottom of the dress. It adds some excitement to the simple, but beautiful dress.

cs spring 10


If I saw this dress in a store I would not even hesitate to pick it up and try it on. This is just awesome, from the cornered sleeves to the flowing skirt. ❤

cs spring 11


I like this dress. It’s not very exiting but I think it would be good for an outfit to work. But the shoes, OMG, They are amazing!

cs spring 12


This jacket, I don’t even have words it is so cool. Personally I would want it in black, grey, dark red, or white, but still amazing. The skirt, I really like the fabric, but as before I would move the slit over.

cs spring 13


I love how he cut the top of this dress. It adds an edginess to the dress, that is hard to capture in such a playful color. For this dress, I think that the slit is actually really cool.

cs spring 4


There is absolutely nothing bad to say about this outfit. The fabric, color, shape, everything is perfect!

cs spring 14


I don’t really like this jacket. It’s to simple, Christian could do so much better. But the shirt is astonishing, and would go right into my shopping bag!

cs spring 15


LOVE IT! I really appreciate that he added some white into this dress, so that I has diversity. It is beautiful!

cs spring 16


Once again I am blown away. This jacket is a work of art. The pants are once again astounding, and the shirt is simple but lovely.

cs spring 17


This dress is perfect. The shoes are so creative and terrific, that I would buy them in a heart beat.

cs spring 18


I really really love the fabric used for the bodes of the dress, and the flow-y-ness of the skirt is beautiful. This dress reminds me of a full moon.

cs spring 19


Honestly I don’t like this dress. I like the fabric used for the see through parts, but for the rest, it just doesn’t do it for me.

cs spring 20


I really value it when people create flow-y dresses. They are just so beautiful. I think that this dress would be great for Heidi Klum.

cs spring 21


I really like how the fabric wraps “around” the bodes. Also the color of the shoes is one of my favorites.

cs spring 22


This dress just pops. I love the dresses that have high slits. I wonder what the back of the dress looks like, because if its high in the front, lets hope ts low in the back.

cs spring 23


I adore this shiny fabric. This dress is amazing, and I would totally wear it.

cs spring 24


Simple and beautiful. I think this is another one for Heidi!

cs spring 25

Love at first sight. When I first saw this outfit I wanted it so bad, and then realized that I could probably never pull it off. 😦

cs spring 26


This dress is really awesome. Sorry that I don’t have a very good vocabulary and use awesome a lot, but that’s what it is, awesome. One thing I would change is the bodes. The dress skirt is already long, and so it the neck line, but if the back is low cut then I thinks it’s great. Other wise I would cut the front lower.

cs spring 27


I always love Christians pant suits, and he has done it again.

cs spring 28


SPEECHLESS. I am speechless. I love the v-line dresses with the big sleeves and the slimming skirts.

cs spring 29


Heidi Klum, this ones for you! This dress is one of the most beautiful things on earth. The bodes just blows me away!

cs spring 30


The feathers, I am in love with the feathers on this dress! The dress it’s self has a simple cut, but the detail on the surface is just outstanding!

cs spring 31


WOW! I love all the tiny balls on this dress. The shoes are amazing, the dress is amazing, I wish I had a never ending suply of muney so I could buy all his dresses.

cs spring 32

This is like a longer version of the dress before. I love how it flows at the bottom and fluffs at the top with the feathers!

cs spring 33


This dress reminds me of a wedding dress. Personally I am not into all the giant puffy wedding dresses, and want mine to look like this one. The sleeves on this dress are outrageous! (in a good way)

cs spring 34


The fabric of the skirt is so shiny! I LOVE IT!

cs spring 35


This reminds me of my princess days. Except that this dress is about 100 times more beautiful, than the crappy dresses from target.

cs spring 36


Another princess dress. I love the layers crossing over each other on this dress. Then also covered by a beautiful pattern.

cs spring 37


This dress looks like leaves falling. I like how these three girls were sent out on the runway at the same time!

cs spring 38


This dress is kinda a combination of the to previous dresses. The bodes is my favorite part of the entire dress.

cs spring 39


These are the same dresses, just in one photo. I find it funny and great the Christian always has a few large puffy beautiful show stoppers at the end of each collection. Hope that everyone enjoyed this! And remember you are just as beautiful as any of the models in your own special way!


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