I don’t care what other people think or say, I think that high socks are always in as long as you know how to wear them. High socks have to plane, patterned just makes them look like middle school silly outfits, but they can be textured. I think that black, grey, dark green, dark red, dark blue, and white are the best colors for socks. But for white, you have to be careful what you wear them with, so that you don’t look like a doll. On way to wear white knee high or over knee high socks is with a striped, or patterned dress and high light brown leather boots. This outfit also goes great with the other colors. Another outfit is with leggings and boots. you can also wear high socks with low cut leather combat boots. They also go GREAT with heals! Today I actually wore some high socks to school and got tons of compliments on them, so don’t listen to thoseĀ ridiculous people that say they are ugly and put on some awesome high socks!!!

boots and high socks


3 boots and high socks


high socks and heels


Oh ya and skirts, they go great with skirts!


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