Cutting old shirts into new cool designs is one of my favorite things to do. You don’t even have to come up with cut patterns yourself. You can go to online stores and look at their T-shirts, and I guarantee that there will be at least one shirt that is just cut, and can easily be done by yourself in a few minutes.

cut pixar shirt


I found these shirts hiding in the back of my dresser drawers. For this shirt I Cut off the seem at he bottom the neck and the sleeves. Then I cut about 11 inches up from the bottom, and cut the neck deeper in the front. Once I had cut the slits all around the bottom, I tied knots at the top and bottom.

cut santa cruz shirt


This shirt is actually one of my favorite shirts. I cut this one very simple. All I did was cut the seem around the neck, and ten cut the front lower. Then I cut the bottom so that it falls just under my belly button.

cut shirt (forever 21) 2


This is the front

cut shirt (forever 21)

This is the back.

For this shirt, my sister found a shirt cut like this at the online Urban Outfitters store. The shirt fro m urban was like 40$. Instead of buying this shirt, we found an old shirt from Forever 21, that already had some holes on the front, and cut it to this cool design. This shirt looks great with skirts, jeans, everything!

These are just three examples of shirts that I have cut. I still have some other ideas, that I will share with later, once I get the shirts I need for my projects! 🙂


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