HAVE YOUR OWN LOOK (jewelry and clothes)

Sorry that I have been M.I.A for the past few days, but I had a lot of stuff going on. Any how, todays post is on how to create/find your own jewelry. I always hate it when I see someone who is wearing the same necklace, ring, shirt, etc. It seems that whenever I see someone, even if I don’t know them, it turns me off that piece of jewelry or clothing. I guess this is kinda a problem because I have a lot of jewelry and clothes that I don’t wear. So i decided that I would stop buying jewelry and try to stop buying clothes at popular stores. A lot of the time I buy little nick nacks and charms and create my own jewelry. Whenever I go into a store I always look for nick nacks, charms, pendants, etc. Vintage,Consignment, and Thrift stores are the best to look for unique necklaces things. Another thing to make sure you check for is that there is only one or two of this item, therefore you will most likely not see people wearing the same thing as you. Also you can take charms off of charm bracelets and put them on a chain. Another thing I love to look through my mom’s old jewelry because a lot of the stuff that people wore in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is very popular. Also things that have been worn a lot tend to have a certain look that gives it a vintage feel. For clothes it’s always hard to find unique things. I find that once again thrift stores have different clothes that no one else has. A lot of the time people get rid of clothes because they are not “in fashion” anymore, but you never know when they will come back. Also many people don’t go to thrift shops for their clothes because the smell weird or are “gross” but I find that they have some of the best clothes for the best deals.

Here are some picture of charms, and nick nacks that I found on the internet to give you an example of what to look for.








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