Getting Ready for Spring?

Are you getting your closet ready for Spring and Summer? Personally I like to buy all of my summer clothes right now because most of it is a lot cheaper. The shorts do cost less and also then you are more likely to have different ones then all your friends! Also a lot of times stores raise their prices on short sleeves and tanks, so you can save some $ if you buy your summer closet soon. Here is a list of things that I like to buy now to save money;

  1. Tanks and short sleeves
  2. Bikinis ( there are some really cute ones for cheap at H&M)
  3. Shorts ( cute shorts at Cotton On for only 20$)
  4. Tie shirts 9 tie shirts are great if it is only a warn day)
  5. Chap stick’s ( amazingly stores actually raise the prices on their summer flavored chap stick’s! Also I like to have fruity flavors during summer because they make me happy and summery)
  6. Flip flops ( get some great flips before they get to expensive!)
  7. Dresses ( make sure to get some great colorful and flowing dresses for summer!)

Hope that this helps! Have a great spring and Summer!!!!!!


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