Spectacular Sunday Finds!

Well it is finally March and most stores are stocking up on spring clothing. So now is your last chance to buy some awesome spring/summer clothes for a good deal. I went shopping yesterday and found two really cute spring/summer dresses from H&M. The first one is dark maroon with a blacks collar. It is high in the front, and has a slit down the back to showcase your back. It is a little longer in the back and it very flowy and was only $15! The second dress I got is bright grapefruit colored. It is a pencil dress and has little sleeves and was only $12.95! I was really happy to find this dress because all my other pencil dress are darker colored. So H&M has great deals on dresses, Cotton has great deals on shorts ($20) and shirts ($5-10), and Forever 21 has good deals on everything, but their quality is questionable. I prefer to look at other stores, and leave Forever 21 as my last resort. Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry, but I suck at taking pictures most of the time 🙂

maroon dress 1

maroon dress 2

back of maroon dress

grapefruit dress


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