Overal Basic Trend For Spring And Summer

I have observed the two main trends from the hight fashion shows in New York, to the cheezy clothes at Forever 21. The first main trend is simple and plain. So many clothes are simple colors, high collars and no designs. High collars have alway kinda annoyed me because they don’t look good on people with big boobs. But one way to work around that is to have a high collar on a dress. If the skirt is flowy, then the attention will be drawn to the skirt. Then plain colors. plain colors are hard to work with, but can be fun. I think plain colors only look good by themselves of they are bright and vibrant. For example if you have a bright tangerine plain skirt, and you wear it with a simple white shirt it looks great, but if you wore a plain blue shirt with the skirt, you would look like a clown. Another thing that will pump up your simple plain outfit, is if the fabric is folded, layered or textured!

The second main trend is patterns. Which is a little strange because its either patterns or plain. But, don’t mix the two trends together. The pattern trend is to have more then one pattern in your outfit. For example, if you wore a tribal patterned skirt, you should wear a tanktop with writing or pictures on it. Although writing and pictures are not technically patterns, they appear as patterns and aren’t as boring as plain shirts (unless your doing the plain theme). Then with this outfit you would also wear some patterned socks the peek out of your shoes.

Hope that this gave you some insight on my observations about the seasons fashions! Have am great Tuesday!!!!! 🙂

These photos are from the h&m website and are great deals! the most expensive dress is $24.95!!!!

patterned dresspatterned dress 2patterned dress 3plain dressplain dress 2plain dress 3


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