Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! This weekend I went shopping in San Francisco. I went to the Westfield San Francisco Centre and then I walked like 20 blocks to Brandy Melville. It was really tiring, but worth it! I got this really cute black dress from Brandy for my stepfathers memorial. I also saw this really cute skeleton shirt there that I loved. I didn’t get it because I ran out of money, but I think I will order it online. The other thing I got was a men’s tank from Cotton On. It was 2 for 25, and my friend and I split the cost (another great way to save $) I still have to cut it shorter but this is it before I did. Have a great week!

front-of-brandy-dress copy

back-of-brandy-dress copy

cotton-on-mens-tank copy

This is the skeleton shirt that I really wanted to buy and will probably order online 🙂 (got the photo from the website) sry that it is so small. :/

brandy skeleton tank


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