Eco Closet

Todays post is about eco fashion. There are a few different types of eco fashion. There is fashion literally made from eco materials such as leaves, branches, moss etc. Then there is fashion that is made from processed eco materials such as organic cotton. For this types of clothes, that can actually be worn be people like us, there is a website were you can get eco clothing. The store is called eco closet. The eco closet was created in 2012. The founder, Lisa Joseph, grew up in California and spent a lot of time outside. Because she spent so much time outside, she loved the natural and eco materials. So far the eco closet carries women’s contemporary clothing and accessories. The eco closet also carries candle, bags and more. And are planning to add a mens line this spring. Everything in the store is sustainable, re-cycled, up-cycled, made in the USA, or fair trade. The team that works for the eco closet is always on the look out for new brands that fit there beliefs.

A lot 0f their things are hand crafted. The store is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Lisa Joseph created the eco closet out of her concern for the earth. most everything in her boutique is very expensive. Personally I cannot afford it, yet, but if you can and care about the earth, why not?!? I took some picture off the website and some pictures from the internet (the leaf clothing)

Here is a link to the website : Eco Closet



Here is a photo of the lady who invented this amazing fashion line.



Here are the photos of the clothes made from leaves:




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