Modeling-The Truth

Link To Modeling Truth Video

Above is a link that I posted to a video about the truth of modeling. The video is a trailer for a movie, I think, and is actually very informational. It opens in YouTube, so I think everyone can open it. I wasn’t sure how to upload it into the actual post, for that I’m sorry.

Modeling is actually a very difficult business. in the video they talk about how these girls are to thin that it is unnatural. Personally I agree. Although clothes do look better on a tall and skinny person, there is a way to be skinny without being unhealthy. I think that if the fashion industries just loosened the rains on how skinny the models should be, ti would be better for everyone. For example, if you work out and maintain a fit body, you are actually very skinny. Maybe not as skinny as the anorexic models, but skinny enough to make all clothes look good. Also then it would set a better image for the younger teens, and not influence then to become anorexic.

Hope everyone was an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!


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