Spring Fashion Challenge: Day 1

I didn’t post a photo yesterday because, I had the day off and decided to have a lazy day. So sorry but I will post from today (tue) until next week monday!

Today I am wearing black ripped leggings, from H&M that I have had for a long time. They sell new leggings at H&M now for only about $10. For my shirt I am wearing a jean printed vest from Forever 21 (about $20) and a multi-colored bandeau  from Tilly’s ($8.50) For my shoes and socks I am wearing red and purple dotted socks from The Herban Garden in Fairfax ($12.50) For my shoes I am wearing my American Rag boots that I bought at Macy’s for $80.

I chose to wear my boots open/unzipped because one of my zippers is broken and cannot zip up. But after discovering this, I found it quite fashionable and decided it was ok for me to wear them unzipped. I ripped my leggings awhile ago, but then it was just a small rip. I started playing with the rip and it grew larger each day I wore them. Finally I thought that they were just to ripped to wear but later on I decided that it added a edgy look to my outfit. Also it adds some texture to the outfit.

For my jewelry I am wearing abalone carved into Hawaiian flowers. I am not wearing any ring or necklaces because I like to keep jewelry clean and simple. But sometimes I do like o wear everything, it depends on the day. 🙂 And the jacket I am wearing is my favorite jacket that I got as a gift. Its black corduroy and really bid and comfy.

Stay tuned for tomorows outfit, and maybe a video of how to recycle fashion (if I can figure out how to upload a video to a post) Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!

Also thanks to my friend, Sophia, for taking the picture, like always. LINK

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4


photo 5


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