OOTD: Outfit of the Day

Todays outfit is very simple. I really wanted to wear my high wasted pants, but was struggling to find a t-shirt to go with it. But finally this morning I found one. At first I was going to wear a high belt with the shirt, but then decided that it was more flowing and comfortable to wear it without. And also it look good. The bright turquoise adds a splash of color that is awesome.  The jeans are simple and really comfy (for skinny jeans) I chose to wear the leather jacket because it is still pretty cold outside. Also it relates back to my leather boots. I didn’t have time to choose any jewelry because my alarm clock didn’t go off (stupid technology jk) Also I attempted to paint my nails with mustaches and some of them turned out ok, but the back nail polish is one of my favorite. Its a fuzzyish shinyish metalicish pink nail polish that is very hard to describe. It from Urban, but I’m not sure if they still sell it. Hope you guys have a great day!!!!!!

Here are the prices and were from of everything:

  1. leather jacket= $32, Papaya
  2. turquoise shirt= $18, Papaya
  3. high waisted jeans= $20, Forever 21
  4. monkey socks=$1, Forever 21 (thought I would share I am wearing awesome monkey socks 🙂
  5. leather boots= $80, American Rag
  6. nail polish= $10, Urban Outfitters


photo 2photo 3photo 5


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