Top Faves

Here is a list of my top faves of make-up:


  1. Baby Lips from Maybelline New York. I have three colors of the baby lips. My favorites are the melon mania and the pink punch. The The pink punch is a really bright light pink that is great for summer. The melon mania, doesn’t taste like melons at all because I hate melons 🙂 but it isn’t that bright of a color and works a little bit like a chap stick, with a hint of color. 
  2. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer. I used to have almost all of the colors of the lip shimmers, but I lost so many 🙂 My two favorites are the peony and the champagne. The peony is a dark terra cotta. It adds a little color that looks really natural. The champagne looks almost white in the bottle thing. But once you put it on, it adds a flirty sparkle to your smile. Its one of favorite on a simple day.
  3. Revlon Lipstick. This lipstick is one of my favorite because it lasts a really long time (until you eat:) ) It is very pink, and looks a lot like the lipstick worn in Pretty Little Liars. (which is sadly over until june:( )
  4. Color Sensational from Maybelline New York. This is a great lip liner  Personally it doesn’t dry out my lips, like a lot of other lip liners. The one I have is dark pink, and very flirty.
  5. Wet and Wild Lip stick. Usually I dont use Wet and Wild because it drys out my lips or just doesn’t work very well, but I ought a few of these lipsticks and I actually like them. The were only 99 cents at CVS (<3) The one in the picture is my darkest color. It is a little vampirey which is awesome for days I fell like being bold and wearing a bright lipstick.
  6. EOS Chap stick. EOS chap stick is my absolute favorite summer chap stick. I like to have different flavored chap sticks for different seasons 🙂 For summer and spring I usually have fruity and tropical flavors. For winter I like to have minty flavors. I don’t have a specific one for fall, but it is a mixture between the two.

Looking through all my lipsticks and lip products, I realized that I have a lot of pink things…… I wonder is that saws something about me…………


  1. Cat Eyes from Maybelline New York. I got this mascara for X-mas and actually came to really like it. I always used Maybelline because it the best ( in my opinion) but when I got this one it became my favorite. 
  2. Cream Shadow Pencils from Wet and Wild. Once again I had never used Wet and Wild until a few weeks ago, but once I tried these eye pencils I instantly fell in love with them, so I bought all of them. The shiny goldish color, the black and the dark blue are my favorites. The dark blue isn’t in the picture because my sister stool it from me 🙂 but the black and the goldish are. They are awesome because you can wear then as eyeliner or eye shadow. Its awesome.
  3. Perfect Pair by Wet and Wild. I just realized that I actually have quite  lot of things from Wet and Wild so maybe I should stop criticizing them 🙂 This is really cool because the put eye liner and eye shadow into one thingy. The eye liner is actually pretty good and so is the eye shadow.
  4. Brown Eye Liner by Loreal. I like this eye liner a lot becasue it is really good quality and stays a long time. Also the brown isn’t really light so it actually show up.
  5. Color Stay by Revlon. This is my one and only liquid eye liner and it is awesome. It works really good and stays for good day and sometimes even through the night.
  6. NYX Lip Liner. This is technically lip liner, but I use it as eye liner. It is a hot pink and really make your eyes pop. I wear it mostly in the summer because it is mostly water proof.
  7. Cover girl and Olay concealer. This is the best stuff in the world. I have tried a lot of concealers, but this one is by far the best
  8. Clinique Eye Shadow. In the third picture are my favorite eye shadows. The Clinique is amazing. It may be expensive, but it is worth it. It doesn’t gather in your creases like a lot of eye shadow, but stays amazing all day. Also the pink and the light brown are great for fancy summer days.
  9. Rimmel London. This is also an amazing brand, but sometimes on warm days it does gather in you creases. But the colors are my favorite especially for fall and winter.
  10. MAC. MAC is also another of my favorites. They electric blue is a amazing color for a beach day in summer or spring. It make your eyes pop (especially for people with blue eye like me)




eye 1


eye 2


eye 3

I usually don’t use this, but for fancy occasions it fun to curl my eyelashes a bit more 🙂


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