How To Get a Fashionable Outfit in a Disastrous Morning

Personally I have a lot of morning disasters, due to clothes in the washer, can’t find something, or just having a bad day. Sometimes I just have absolutely no idea what to wear and hate all my clothes. I always hated this, and would always regret the outfit I decided to wear half way through the day. If you have any any of these problems, here are a few ways that I avoid them (most days)

  1. Pick out your outfit the day before. This doesn’t always work because I know, personally, sometimes my idea changes over night and I don’t end up wearing the outfit I chose out.
  2. Sleep Thinking. I like to think out what outfit I am going to wear the next day, and if I think of a shirt or skirt that is dirty, but I want to wear it, I jump out of bed and throw it in the washer, and usually it works out.
  3. Think simple. Simple jeans and a T-shirt are always a back fall, because no matter what they will always be in fashion. It is an easy choice and is comfortable.
  4. Tomorrows Problem. Sometimes when I am going through my clothes in the morning trying to figure out what to wear, I think of a really cute outfit, but think that it would be a better for the next day. If this happens to you, put on the outfit and tomorrows outfit is tomorrows problem.

Another thing I do to prevent fashion block, is when I go shopping and buy more than one thing is to ration out my clothes. I am always exited to wear my new clothes and most of the time wear them all together, and then the next day have “nothing” to wear. So for example if you buy 2 new shirts and a new skirt, you have 3 outfits set for the next 3 days. Wear the skirt with an “old” shirt, and the shirts with a different skirt or pants.

Hope this helped! Have a great day!

Am I the only one who this happens 2???

Am I the only one who this happens 2???


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