Rain, Jeans and Headbands

The past few days I have been posting my outfits. So today I decided that I would just upload my outfits, almost everyday so that YOU can see what I wear on a daily basis.

Today I am wearing a very simple outfit. I t was rainy this morning and I wanted to stay warm and comfortable. I am wearing light blue jeans from H&M, a soft knitted cotton shirt from Gap, and a light blue body warmer from North Face (womens) For my shoes I am wearing black rain boots from Urban. I got a slit in the right boot, so I covered it with black gorilla tape, and although it looks a little weird, it works really good.Today I am aslo wearing a headband. I usually don’t wear headbands but I thought I would try it and it actually worked out pretty good. My headband is a croshay headband from Anthropologie (I think, it’s my sisters)It’s a little big for my head, but it’s really comfortable  and hopefully headbands will come back 🙂

Next week I am on spring break, so I will try to upload photo’s of my outfits, but I am sure that I won’t have a new outfit everyday because I am lazy and like to stay home some days. 🙂

photo 3photo 1photo 2


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