World Fashion Week

This years World Fashion Week will be held in Paris, France. The City of Paris in 2013, featuring leading fashion designers and professionals in the fashion industry, representing their nation of origin from 40+ nations, with the major objective to positioning these artisans in the global market. The World Fashion Week encourages the expansion of world wide fashion while promoting international fashion business relationships and understanding. It´s Mission is to foster the increased participation in the world fashion forum by developed and developing countries alike, particularly with a view to better integrate all countries into the World Fashion, sharing a commitment for Corporate Social Responsibility.

I think that World Fashion Week is a really good idea. I hadn’t heard about it until awhile ago, but it has already gotten me interested. The World Fashion Week’s goal is to enlarge the power of fashion all around the world and use it as a tool for empowering women, furthering develop economies, promoting corporate, environmental and social responsibility within the fashion world.

Watch out for the newest updates on this years World Fashion Week. Search World Fashion Week in Google and I am sure that something will pop up. Have an awesome Day!!!!!!!!

WORLD FASHION WEEK ENTRANCE 1paris_fashion_week_SS_2013_by_vfashionworld.com_the_video3world fashion week paris 2013 info-filtered


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