7 Days Of Fashion: Leggings And Stripes

Today’s outfit is very simple and comfortable. I felt like being comfy because I have Star Testing this week 😦 ugh. Anywho, today I am wearing dark blue leggings from Active Basic (approx. $20, long time ago) a long sleeve shirt from Aeropostale, grey sock with tiny green dots from Gap ($6.00) and my brown leather boots from American Rag ($80) And for extra warmth I am wearing my favorite jacket from Roxy. For my jewelry I chose to wear my silver locket necklace an my silver little lizard stubs.

For my make up, I also just went simple and only put on mascara today, with the exception of melon baby lips. The melon doesn’t really taste like melons, but more like watermelons, and only adds a very light red to your lips. For my perfume, I chose to wear my awesome PINK perfume. Also I thought I would share with you the last color I painted my nails, but i’m going to repaint them today so I will show you them with tomorrows outfit. So that is my comfy day outfit, hope you all have a good day and stay tuned for tomorrow outfit!!!







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