7 Days Of Fashion: Flowers And Dresses

Hey Guys!!! So today’s outfit is very summery. It wasn’t necessarily warm today but I thought it would be nice to wear a dress because the sun came out again. So I wore my dress that I got in Santa Cruz awhile ago. I bought it at a store called Sway, but the brand is Final Touch. I chose to wear my leather jacket with it because it is always cold in the mornings, and thought that it would look the best. I am also wearing my  cream Toms (more brownish now) because I love Toms and wanted to be more comfy for walking home.

For my jewelry I didn’t wear a necklace because my shirt has ruffles, but I did wear little turquoise squares that used to be my moms. I like them a lot because they are very simple, but the turquoise relates to my nail polish, which I redid. And for my perfume today I wore Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend perfume. For my eye make-up I tried something a little different. I put electric light blue on the top for eyeliner, an electric purple on the bottom. And that pretty much concludes todays outfit. Have a great day!!!!!!

Also just putting it outhere, I like Justin Bieber and don’t know hwy everybody is hating on him on like Facebook and stuff, he has an amazing voice (even though his songs my not be the best all the time) and he is REALLY hot, so ya. BYEEEEEEE!





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