Life’s A Pair Of Shorts

Another funny title. 🙂 kinda. Anywho, who is exited about summer!!! I know i am. Summer is creeping up on us, an i know that each year when it is suddenly summer, my closet is unprepared. So this year i am going to prepare my closet for the sun. Although there are still some of those cold days (today) the prices of summer clothes are going up. And the best prices have already passed 😦 But their are still some good deals around. Here is a list of a few places with cute shorts for good deals 🙂 Personally i wouldn’t recommend Forever 21 for shorts, but if you are looking for a one summer pair of shorts for like $20, then Forever 21 works good.

1. Cotton On: some cotton on shorts are only $20!!!  Others are only $24.99!!! And even some are only $5!!!! Her are some pictures of my faves. 










2. H&M: h&m actually has some pretty cute shorts, i know that they last for a really long time. here are some that i found + the prices


h&m 29.95h&m 29.95, 2



h&m 24.95h&m 24.95, 2h&m 24.95, 3


3. Brandy Melville: brandy has a ton of cute shorts.  most of them are a little expensive, but I think they are worth it.  Here are some of my faves from their websites. For the white ones they also have them in different colors like marron and black.


pic 1pic 2




pic 3



pic 4


4. Urban Outfitters: urban has a lot of really adorable shorts, but they are a little on the expensive side. I chose a few of my favorites from the web, which was really hard because there are literally thousands of cute shorts. But i tried to chose some to show you that had unique patterns or colors. But if you are one of those people that likes plain denim shorts, they also have those. here we go 🙂


urban 3 49.99


urban 6 59.99



urban 2 69.99urban 1



urban 4 79.99



urnab 5 129.00

I thought that these were really cute, but they are kinda expensive 😦


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