OOTD: Black and Tan

Hey guys, so today I am wearing a black an tan skirt for $10 that I got at a really cute thrift shop in downtown San Rafael, called Knimble. Knimble has a great deal on tons of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and just little knick knacks. For my shirt I am wearing a grey half tank from Nordstrom’s ($24) . For awhile I had wanted one of these half tanks, and I found a lot of cute ones at Nordstrom’s. For my shoes I am wearing my dark brown combat boots with my red and purple socks. For jewelry I am wearing little coper colored B earrings from Urban. Also today I am wearing 2 bracelets. One with 6 seeds that are thought to protect  you from bad spirits. And the other is just a leather and metal bracelet with 5 metal beads.

My friend, sophia, is also wearing black an tan today. She is wearing a black and tan long sleeve pencil dress, which is actually mine 🙂 she isn’t wearing any earrings, but for her shoes she is wearing black converse. So ya, todays theme in my life is black and tan. And also stay tuned for later today or tomorrow a post about the new skirt i got!!!!

photo 5photo 4photo 1-1photo 3photo 2-1photo 5-1photo 1photo 2


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