Celeb. Eye Make-up Styles

Katy Perry: the cat lady

Katy Perry’s repeating theme of cat eye liner, has become her trade mark. in almost all her photo’s she is wearing cat liner. I think that she can pull it off quite awesomely, and think that she is on her way to becoming the cat eye queen. 🙂

url-2Katy-Perry-Smokey-eyes-makeup-2013url-850,000 FREE WALLPAPERS - www.50000freewallpapers.com


Taylor Swift: the two timer

Taylor Swift has 2 main make-up ways. Her fist way is smokey eyes, with either shades of brown, pink or blue. her second is a simple liner on the water line and long lashes. Another thing Taylor Swift loves to do is wear bright red and light pink lipstick. 🙂

url-12url-10url-11Taylor Swift Without Makeup Natural Beauty Pic 2013 04url-7


Olivia Wilde: the smokey girl

Olivia Wilde is literally the most beautiful women on the face of the earth. It just not fare. But one theme that I keep seeing in most her pictures, is her smokey eye make-up. Olivia Wilde’s main colors are brown and black, with the occasional blue. I love how she does it, and how she keeps it a theme!



Kristen Stewart: the girl of natural beauty

Kristen Stewart doesn’t usually wear a lot of eye make-up on a daily basis. Sometimes for her special event’s she will put on some more eye shadow and eye liner and lipstick, but I think that she is one of the most real celebs. When she talks on shows, or in interviews, she talks like a normal person, and I think that is reflected in her make-up.



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