Miley Cyrus 2013

Not to long ago, Miley Cyrus changed her whole look to an edgier more ‘normal person’ fashion. I like it when celebs wear more normal clothes, so that they don’t look completely put together and could actually pass as normal people. So here are some photos of Miley Cyrus’s best outfits, according to me, courtesy of Google Images. YAY! have a great day!



For this outfit Miley Cyrus toned down her “bad ass” look, and went with something a little more summery. I like it a lot, but would probably pull down those shorts a little in the back 🙂 These little half shirt things are really in this season, so if you dont got one, go out and buy one!!! 🙂



I think that this outfit was for an event, so she made it a little fancy, but kept it on the low. I like it a ton, and love the leather jacket with the bright red.



So her we go again with those little haf tanks. personally I don’t really like this skirt. I think that it is a little to shiny, and silver has never really met eye to eye with me. But i do love the cheetah heals, which is abnormal because i normally don’t like cheetah.



So I LOVE this shirt. Mickey Mouse is like my all time favorite old Disney character. One thing i have to say about this outfit is the skirt. I don’t know what she was thinking, personally she loks like a candy cane, and i don’t really like it. I don’t know if she chose this herself, or was told to wear it by her maneger, which is a lot of time the case.



This shirt isn’t really the choice of Miley Cyrus to wear, but I still like it a lot. Since she got her new hair cut (which i still can decide if i like it or not) she has been doing a lot of modeling for ELLE magazine.




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