Looking For Crop Tops?

so, i know that i was looking for some awesome crop tops and tanks, and i thought i would share the two places that i found the cutest ones. 

  1. topshop: topshop has a ton of cute crop tops and tanks. most don’t have patterns, but even without patterns they are really cute. The only thing is, is that some are very expensive for what they are. But sometimes, you can find a good deal. Here is a link to their website: LINK
  2. brandy melville: i love brandy! it is like one of my favorite stores in the whole world. I actually only found out about it a few months ago from a friend  but still they have the best clothes. They have so many crops tops and tanks, its amazing. And most of them are for really good deals! they have tons of long sleeve  short sleeve and tank crops, so check it out! Here is the link to their website: LINK

My favorite crops are the ones that have a high chest, but are tanks. So ya this is kinda a lame post cuz i don’t have any pictures because my computer is being annoying and not letting me upload any…sorry 😦 But i hope that everybody has a great day!!!! 


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