And I thought It Was Time For Shorts

Happy belated Cinco de Mayo! Not sure if i spelled that right…… But anywho, today is a stupid cold day again, and this is sad cuz i was really happy it was warm enough to wear shorts, but what can i do 🙂

So today i am wearing a perfect outfit for this weather, well in my opinion. 😛 I am wearing a tan pencil skirt from H&M ($5) with awesome patterned leggings and a jean printed blouse. I got the blouse from the brand Rehab, and the tights from i don’t know. with this outfit i am wearing my leather combat boots, my rings, my necklace, and my bracelets. I wear these accessories  like everyday, so ya 😛 For my earrings i am wearing these little blue gem earrings, that i got from my mom awhile back, and i love them, a lot. and that’s pretty much it, so hope you guys all have a great day!

And also i uploaded a few photos of my friend Sophia’s outfit, cuz it is also very adorable 🙂

#AWESOMEFACT: my tights are reversible 😛 on one side they are red with purpleish tint, and on the other they are purple with redish tint 🙂

#photo 34photo 24photophoto 14photo 5photo 2photo 4photo 1photo 3



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