Searching For Mothers Day?

So, mothers day is coming up on sunday, so here are some ideas for presents and day activities 🙂

Personally my mom doesn’t really want presents from us, she always just wants us to be nice to her, and do things for her

  1. Buy her something small, like a scented candle, cooking book (if she likes to cook), or flowers. I always like to get flowers for my mom. 
  2. Go somewhere nice. Arrange to go to the beach or on a hike and bring a nice picnic, that you prepared.
  3. Make her breakfast in bed. Waking up and being able to eat your breakfast in bed is always a nice treat.
  4. organize a dinner party. Invite some of her friends, or just have a nice family dinner. And make sure that its a surprise and that you prepare everything yourself  🙂

Well those are my ideas, not to many, but hope everyone has a great mothers day and rest of the week!


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