7 Days of Fashion: Sex Pistols

Hey guys!!! im having a great day today 🙂 yesterday i got an iphone!!!! YAY!!! So today I m wearing a new shirt that i got from Urban.. When i first saw it i was like i gotta have! so price wasn’t even a worry, but luckily it was only $20! (on sale) If you don’t know who the Sex Pistols are, well then u don’t know music, so search them…on google..or whatever…

So today i am wearing my Sex Pistols shirt, that i cut in the back to look like the back of a skeleton (which i thought was pretty awesome) 😛 lawl. For my earrings i wore these really cool like patterned teardrops. (they are my sisters so ya) I wore it with high waisted light blue denim shorts and my combat boots. It was actually kinda cold today so i am considering wearing long pants tomorrow 😛 ugh, summer hurry up…. so ya this was my outfit 🙂 hope everyone has/had a great day!!!!

Peace Love and Fashion


sexpistols shirt

i mean if you don’t know him for his music…then you should know him for his hotness

I mean seriously! he is so HOT!! 

shirt 1




umm skillage :)

umm skillage 🙂



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