Shopping in Europe 1

Hey guys so as you know I am in holland. It’s amazing here, the weather is nice, personally I like it. Not to hot, not to cold. Cold weather is a bit more appealing to me, Idk why :p so I took some photos of the coolest things I have seen here in the stores. There are so many different stores that have awesome wierd things. One thing that really does annoy me is that American clothing is so in here and the American stores are taking over. I hate it. This won’t be the one and only posts about holland so keep posted for more interesting clothes and things and then the lat one will be about all the things I have bought here :p
The rainbow feather shoes I saw in a really expensive shoe store in downtown Utrecht. I thought they where so cool, but also something you can easily do yourself. The black and white tie die crop top I saw in this cute store in Amsterdam. Also with the tie die shorts. The store I found the shirt and shorts in was like a mix. Between anthropo and urban. It was really cool, but a little more pricy. I also found the cute cream backpack with leather lining there. The really cool bikini top I found in a little boutique in downtown Utrecht. It was really expensive but I thought it was a really cool idea, maybe something I can make myself… :p the bottles, I thought where just really cool. They are antique bottles made into oil lamps. Something really easy to make yourself.
I thought it would be cool to show you photos of the stores. The two stores that I took pictures of where just really cute like pact stores. The first one with the person in it is a cute little beach store in callandsoog. The other one is a little do dad store in downtown Delft. Then the photo of the street and the church is in downtown Utrecht and I just thought it was cool to show how the streets here look. The other photo is a picture from the o side of a clothing store called only. Cute store got some cute stuff there :p
Hope everyone is having a great summer!! ❤
Peace Love and Fashion











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