Shopping in Europe 2

Hey guys it’s been awhile :b I’ve been busy shopping around Europe :b it’s been amazing here. There are so many sweet shops. So this post is like the previous thing these are photos of cool clothes and stores. The one that’s coming after this I will post about all the clothes I bought :b well here we go.
1. The first store is called desigual. It’s really wierd and has tons of crazy designs in the clothes. Personally I don’t really like it on the clothes but I thought it was different and cool I thought it was beautiful on the bags though. They had these one pair of leggings that i thought were really cool. They were black with gold writing on it. Also the inside of the store was designed with crazy patterns. Although there were many different patterns it was still beautiful. Also the logo is really cool 😀






2. The second store is this fancy store in Belgium that is kind of like Abercrombie in the u.s. but more expensive one pair of pants where around €250 that’s a little a lot to much. But they had very nice clothes and I really like how they hung this one shirt (the striped one) how the designed the inside of the store was also very clean and nice I liked it a lot. Also their name was really cute (Scotch and Soda)










3. Then there was this other really fancy expensive store in Belgium that had cute clothes but were so over priced. The brown shirt in the photo (that I thought was awesome) was €200. That’s crazy. Also the skeleton shirt was really cool. They had a lot of other cool clothes but the clerk was like stop taking pictures so >.<


4. I saw these really cool batman leggings in H&M (H&M is way cooler and bigger here and has a bigger variety) that I almost bought but didn’t :b then the skirt with the cat faces I thought was so cute and was going to buy but they didn’t have my size (they only had huge sizes :((( ) but those are the cute things I saw in H&M that I didn’t buy.


5. Last there was this really cool candle store so I thought I would share some of the ones I thought where really cool. First there are these stick candles that you put in he ground like I. Your yard and I thought they were beautiful. The Avondale candle is a dream candle you out a tea light candle in it and it looks like an ice castle. Then there where these really cool tea light candle holders and ya that’s it 😀 until next time ❤

Peace, Love and Fashion





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