Vintage! Vintage is becoming so much more popular each day. I love vintage but some don’t know how to were it. To were vintage, it’s great to wear pastel colors. Vintage means lace. Vintage means buttons. Vintage means flowers. But to wear all of these different types of vintage is not good. One way to wear lace is to wear it with an pastel pink or blue skirt or pants. A way to wear buttons is with a light grey or olive green shirt with a button down cleavage line. Buttons can go with light denim jeans or white jeans or high wasted shorts. For the flower pattern you have to understand that it is not just any flower patter. A vintage flower pattern is flowers that are light purples, pinks, blues, oranges and yellows. Additional to these flower colors being light, the entire print of the pants or T-shirt is faded. So, a way to wear vintage flower patterns, is to wear the faded pants with a simple white or colored T-shirt to match the flower colors. Another really cute way to wear the vintage flower patterns is to wear a light, faded flower patterned jean vest.


XOXO, Fashion Girl


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